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Geography rationale

A calm, safe and welcoming place in which to work and learn.
A place where everyone supports each other to achieve.
A place we enjoy coming to each day.

C.A.S. Geography curriculum is ambitious, challenging and accommodating of pupils’ individual needs. The curriculum directly links to the whole school curriculum aims and across many other subject areas. It allows learners to expand their awareness of the world they live in and developing global issues, which will impact their lives long-term beyond school. The curriculum exposes pupils to learning about both human and physical topics to which they apply geographical skills, enabling them to become more aware of major global issues facing the planet and how they can make a positive response.


Childwall Abbey School provides a Geography curriculum which develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding relating to a wide range of places, environments and features at a variety of scales, extending from local to global. Pupils gain an understanding of the factors which contribute to human society’s development and wellbeing and learn to accept that we are all different as people. Pupils at C.A.S. have a range of complex learning difficulties and often struggle with situations requiring empathy and social interaction. The study of Geography enhances interpersonal skills and supports the development of respect for others different circumstances and points of view.


Pupils access the National Curriculum, modified to allow them to do so in a meaningful way. We provide a multi-sensory – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic - approach to teaching Geography, to meet the needs of our unique learners. We encourage the implementation of co-operative learning through group work, whether this be on a project, modelling or experiments. Pupils are encouraged to construct arguments using evidence. Our Geography curriculum offers numerous opportunities for pupils to enjoy learning outside the classroom. This is an approach from which pupils benefit not only educationally but physically, socially and mentally.


Our Geography curriculum encourages pupils to apply literacy and mathematics knowledge and skills in a practical arena. Pupils learn how to travel, communicate, interact, organise and research, all of which are skills which transfer readily to success and resilience in everyday life beyond school.


The Geography curriculum at C.A.S. aims to ensure all pupils are suitably prepared for their day to day lives in the real world. Geography provides all pupils with essential skills which are crucial in the world of work as well as helping then to become responsible and environmentally aware global citizens.


Attainment in Geography is accredited through ASDAN and prepares pupils for success in completing significant elements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.