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PSHCE rationale

A calm, safe and welcoming place in which to work and learn.

A place where everyone supports each other to achieve.

A place we enjoy coming to each day.

“If pupils are kept ignorant of their human, physical and sexual rights; or how to protect themselves and others, or know where to go to for help, they are not being adequately safeguarded.” - Janet Palmer HMI Ofsted’s PSHE education lead


The key to the the PSHE philosophy of Childwall Abbey School (CAS) is that all our pupils are entitled to experience and engage with a quality programme of Physical, Social, Health, Emotional and Relationship and Sex education. The purpose is to offer our complex cohort the opportunity to explore attitudes and values in a “safe space” and to develop their personal and social skills, as well as learning and understanding key facts necessary for safe and healthy progress throughout their lives, within and beyond school.


At CAS, the Jigsaw PSHE scheme provides the basis from which we deliver an inclusive, ambitious, progressive and logical programme of study.  It is an age appropriate scheme for our secondary pupils, which is modified as appropriate to support access for all pupils. For many of our pupils, with ASD, social communication, emotional and metal health issues, this subject can offer particular challenges. Our role is to enable all pupils to engage in a way which is appropriate for them.

The PSHE content focuses on and encourages our pupils to understand the changes which occur physically, mentally and socially to all people as they grow.  Pupils are supported to consider the changing attitudes of individuals (and of society towards individuals) as they mature and the physical changes which occur at various stages of human development. Pupils also learn about the roles, responsibilities and challenges faced by young people as they approach adulthood and begin to identify their personal aspirations, dreams and goals.

CAS pupils are encouraged to develop confidence and pride in being themselves as active citizens within society, to show resilience when coping with setbacks and to expand the practical knowledge and social skills needed to progress in life within and beyond school. Pupils draw on learning from diverse curriculum areas as appropriate, for example Literacy and Oracy, Numeracy, Geography, History,  R.E., Art.  The Jigsaw programme, which is the basis for Learning for Life at CAS, encompasses all of the CAS curriculum themes and links across all other subject areas.

The key areas of the PSHE curriculum coverage are:

  • Being Me in My World
  • Celebrating Difference
  • Dreams and Goals
  • Healthy Me
  • Relationships 
  • Changing Me


These topics are revisited every year at a greater depth of study, as is typical of a spiral curriculum.  Students are encouraged to discuss often challenging topics within peer groups, supported sensitively to ask staff confidential questions via a question box and given opportunities to further research topics of particular interest.

The Fundamental British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs are integral across the whole scheme as they are across society. They are woven into the CAS PSHE curriculum under a variety of topics for different age groups.  They are never treated as “stand alone” units of work.

At CAS we are committed to enhancing the life choices of our students and our PSHE curriculum supports this.  Through this programme and as part of the whole school curriculum we provide challenge and encourage aspirations  which prepare our pupils for a positive transition to a safe, productive adult life.

Pupils achievements within PSHE are celebrated in Class Form Time, Key Stage and Whole School assemblies and contribute to their attainment in ASDAN and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.