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Science rationale

A calm, safe and welcoming place in which to work and learn.
A place where everyone supports each other to achieve.
A place we enjoy coming to each day.

At Childwall Abbey School, we are committed to providing all pupils with every opportunity to experience, engage in and enjoy Science. This happens through a spiral curriculum, which enables our pupils to revisit learning, make connections with and build upon valuable skills and knowledge obtained during earlier stages of their education.

Through the CAS Science Curriculum, (National Curriculum modified to support the needs of our complex cohort), our pupils learn to question and discuss the different aspects they study, which often include ethical and moral issues and to relate them to the wider world. They work collaboratively where appropriate, developing important social communication and teamwork skills but are also encouraged to experience wonder, to work and think independently and to question what they are doing and the practical real-life applications their scientific learning may be applied to.

Science provides numerous opportunities for cross curricular connections to be made, including making use of practical Maths, Literacy and Oracy skills, to a large degree, as well as Food Technology, Art, PE, PSHCE and the humanities subjects.

The practical and analytical skills pupils acquire are built upon over the Key Stages to encourage progression, often in very small steps. The practical, “hands-on” elements within the CAS Science curriculum take many forms and our pupils who are visual and kinaesthetic learners often find these elements particularly enjoyable and engaging.  All pupils are supported to engage and to learn, whatever their complex needs (including pupils with significant social communication or sensory issues, who may find the environment of the science lab very challenging). We strive at CAS, to enable all pupils to develop a lively curiosity about the world and to achieve to the best of their ability.

Many of the skills learned though Science are highly transferable to working life. Learning to work safely and calmly within the specialised environment of the laboratory, following rules relating to safe behaviour, appropriate dress, turn-taking, communicating clearly and respecting others opinions, are all vital skills which support effective Transition preparation for college or the world of work.

Problem solving, drawing conclusions and showing resilience when outcomes are unexpected all help our pupils to be able to accept and respond to challenge. Learning about the achievements and discoveries of the great scientists of earlier times offers our pupils inspiration.


By taking opportunities to welcome visitors, to experience Science outside the classroom and to go on visits to other places, pupils are encouraged to see Science as an integral part of everyday life. Science offers many opportunities for pupils to consider scientific issues from different perspectives and show empathy for those around them.

At CAS all pupils’ achievements in Science are celebrated. They contribute to their ASDAN accreditation and all pupils are enabled to undertake a dual award Entry Level qualification (with some progressing to the dual award GCSE when this is appropriate).