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Music rationale

A calm, safe and welcoming place in which to work and learn.
A place where everyone supports each other to achieve.
A place we enjoy coming to each day.

At Childwall Abbey School (C.A.S), we encourage pupils to develop their appreciation and enjoyment of music. Pupils experience a wide range of music in different contexts, enjoy practical use of musical instruments and expand their knowledge and application of musical theory. Music is a unique form of communication that can inspire and motivate our students. Music can help students develop personally and provides opportunities for them to express themselves. It has the ability to bring together different students who wouldn’t usually interact and brings them together creatively.


Pupils access a modified National Curriculum (2014) suited to their complex academic, social, emotional needs and sensory sensitivities. Individual students also receive music interventions to support their needs.


Exploring a variety of instruments from different countries and cultures and learning about musicians from all around the world and from different eras helps to broaden pupils’ awareness and understanding of the wider world. They learn to reflect and begin to make judgements about the quality of their music and others.  We believe music promotes students to develop spiritually, culturally, and socially while also contributing to their well-being.


Music is everywhere in our daily lives. Our aim at C.A.S. is to offer pupils musical experiences, which lead to lifelong appreciation, an acceptance of positive challenge and appreciation of difference.


The music curriculum is designed so that each lesson includes some form of practical musical activity and the curriculum has a spiral approach to learning which stretches students, taking account of individual needs.

For our diverse student cohort, (including those with ASD) revisiting the foundations of music through different contexts/genres is critical in ensuring all students can achieve their full potential.


Through the use of instruments and technology and by providing opportunities for performance, such as participation in the School Panto, Christmas Concerts, visits to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and the Peace Proms, pupils are enabled to see music and the enjoyment of the roles of performer and audience as relevant and integral in modern society. Music in the C.A.S. curriculum is an outstanding means by which pupils develop their cultural capital, which enriches their appreciation across the curriculum and transfers to a wide variety of contexts.


Pupils are encouraged to improvise and explore music through their own compositions and work in groups, being creative. These activities develop important teamwork skills and confidence which support the whole-school focus on preparation for successful transition from school to college or employment.


We work towards ASDAN and ArtsAward qualifications for our pupils, supporting them all to achieve and enjoy, regardless of their starting point.