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Health and Wellbeing rationale

A calm, safe and welcoming place in which to work and learn.
A place where everyone supports each other to achieve.
A place we enjoy coming to each day.

Traditionally, the notion of being and staying healthy is one that may have centred purely upon physical health. While this remains a key element of the life of the school, the societal shift towards improved mental health is reflected within the aims and goals of C.A.S. whole school curriculum and within the framework of the Health and Wellbeing Awards (HWA) to which we are fully committed.


The HWA allows us as a community, to reflect upon practices at C.A.S. that contribute to supporting and building upon our core values of ‘welcoming, learning, achieving and enjoying’. At C.A.S. we want to enable our pupils to become lifelong learners and to prepare them to take their place in the wider world. To embed this attitude, we provide pupils with as many opportunities as possible to find an interest and possibly ignite appreciation or enjoyment of an area in which they can achieve in their community, both now and in the future.


Improved and sustained health for life is, of course, linked with exercise and fitness, however we recognise at C.A.S. that the mental health, social and emotional benefits of joining a choir, a lunchtime club or participating in music lessons, for example, can contribute significantly to holistic development, including a healthier body and mind, increased confidence, improved social skills and preparation for a successful transition from school to college or work. At C.A.S we aspire to encourage our whole community to understand and appreciate the life-long benefits which these activities can provide.


Development of resilience to all sorts of challenge plays an important role within all teaching at C.A.S. Curricular and enrichment activities that contribute to HWA help to focus on this and to nurture pupils as they gain this vital attribute. Through gardening, Forest Schools, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, ASDAN challenges or music sessions, enjoying practical lessons, preparing and sharing healthy meals and taking part in charitable and fundraising activities, pupils learn to celebrate successes, however small and to deal positively with times when they may not succeed. These challenging yet positive experiences lead to better behaviour for learning and engagement across the curriculum and beyond.


The strong P.E. curriculum at C.A.S., regular use of opportunities for outdoor and off-site learning, a wide variety of opportunities for positive social interactions in lessons and in free time and an emphasis on welcoming visitors to our community to assemblies, performances, coffee mornings, sports days etc, all weave together to form an holistic approach towards our Health and Wellbeing at C.A.S., in which the whole community plays its’ part.


We are currently proud holders of the Bronze Health and Wellbeing Award and now aspire to achieve Silver.