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Maths rationale

A calm, safe and welcoming place in which to work and learn.

A place where everyone supports each other to achieve.

A place we enjoy coming to each day.

Mathematics is essential for everyday life, for understanding and engaging with our world. It enables the development of pupils’ natural ability to think logically, solve puzzles and apply these skills to real-life problems. Pupils learn to think creatively and make links between mathematical concepts through exploring patterns in the number system, shape, measures and statistics. They make and discuss propositions, explaining their reasoning and justifying their answers. They develop the skills, knowledge and efficient methods of calculation necessary to support their economic future and problem solving in daily life. Maths skills are a key element of preparing our pupils to have the confidence and resilience to make a successful transition to college or the world of work.
By following a spiral curriculum, our pupils are able to revisit a topic or area several times throughout their school career. The complexity of the topic increases with each revisit but new learning has a relationship with old learning and is put into context. We believe the benefits of teaching in this way, are that information and learning are reinforced and underpinned each time the pupil revisits the topic. This allows a logical progression from simplistic ideas to more complex ideas. Furthermore, pupils are encouraged to apply their early learning to later objectives. Sixth-form continue to work on Maths skills with a Life Skills and Transition focus.
At Childwall Abbey School, problem solving is at the heart of mathematical learning and teaching. We encourage pupils to develop the resilience and tenacity to solve problems and provide pupils with the tools to overcome difficulties. Towards the end of each Maths topic learning journey at CAS, our pupils have the opportunity to solve problems by applying a skill, knowledge and understanding that has been learnt during the topic. By constructing the learning journey in this way, pupils are given the opportunity to see how mathematical skills can be applied to real life problems, therefore giving it a context. Pupils are also encouraged to be able to work both independently and collaboratively and to communicate effectively with others, showing patience and empathy.

At Childwall Abbey School we promote that the teaching of and enthusiasm for Mathematics must not be confined to Maths lessons. We have identified four key Numeracy skills which should be embedded across the curriculum; times tables, measure, time and money. There are many other Mathematical skills which lend themselves well to other subject areas. Staff are encouraged to identify these when delivering their own subjects, as appropriate.

At CAS we celebrate Maths through assemblies, Maths Party Days and competitions. We have an ambitious curriculum and accreditation offer at the end of Key Stage 4. Achievements in Maths also contribute to pupils ASDAN and Duke of Edinburgh Award. We strive to ensure all pupils make progress and achieve to the best of their ability in Maths, whilst building passion for and enjoyment of the subject.