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National Autistic Society - Autism Specialist Award 2023


Childwall Abbey School is proud to have achieved the National Autistic Society Autism Specialist School Award. Our community aspires to provide a high-quality learning environment which nurtures, supports and develops our pupils. The NAS accreditation celebrates the work of our staff, pupils, families and visitors to maintain the highest standards and constantly seek to improve.


Our most recent report (April 2023) includes these comments –

“Within all observations, learners presented as feeling safe and calm.“


“In all planned and incidental observations learners were treated with dignity, status and respect.”


“Staff have high expectations of the learners and their behaviour and throughout observations learners were respectful to staff and their peers, which was celebrated by staff.”


“Adaptions are made to the environment to support individual well-being and self-reliance.”

“Each autistic individual develops skills and confidence in communicating with others and engaging in a range of rewarding social activities.”


“Each autistic individual develops skills and confidence in carrying out tasks independently and in being empowered to make their own choices.”


“Each autistic individual enjoys an increasing range of sensory experiences whilst developing regulation strategies to help them avoid sensory overload.”


“Support enables autistic individuals to take part in activities which are purposeful and engaging and which promotes their emotional well-being and social inclusion.”


“Proactive and preventative strategies are employed to help each autistic individual avoid anxiety or distress and to help them understand and regulate their emotions.”


We will continue to work together to maintain and build on these high standards.