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Polite reminders for parents and carers

We ask parents and carers to work with school, to maintain a safe and appropriate learning environment for all our pupils:

  • Under no circumstances may pupils bring cigarettes, vapes, alcohol or any other drug on to school premises. Using, sharing or selling these items on school site, school trips or on transport is illegal and will result in a fixed term exclusion. Pupils will also be reported to the school Governing Body as per C.A.S. Drugs Policy. (on website) Please note - It is illegal for any adult to purchase these items for an under age child. (This is a health and safety matter and non-negotiable)
  • Pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones in school. All phones must be handed in at the start of the day to be kept securely until home time. Pupils who do not wish to hand in their phone are asked to leave them at home. (This is a Safeguarding matter and is non-negotiable.)
  • All C.A.S. pupils are required to wear school uniform every day. Pupils must bring their PE kit on days when PE is on their timetable and change as appropriate. Privacy arrangements can be made if a pupil needs them for personal reasons. * (Pupils in Years 7 and 8 must come to school wearing appropriate clothing for outdoor activities on their Forest Schools day only).
  • Full attendance at school is essential for learning and progress. This is the expectation for all pupils unless they are unwell or attending an appointment. Parents/Carers are asked to inform school in advance of any appointments and to contact on the first day of any illness absence as per C.A.S. Attendance Policy.
  • We encourage all parents and carers to be vigilant regarding their child’s access to online material and their use of phones, tablets and other devices with internet connectivity. (our website parents page has Useful Links to support you)
  • Pupils are allowed to bring a bottle of water (not juice or fizzy drinks) for their personal use only. This must be managed sensibly and not shared with anyone else. In hot weather, please ensure that your child has a hat and sunscreen for their protection, if you feel that is needed. (All areas of C.A.S. have drinking water available throughout the day.)